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About BestESD Technical Services

BestESD Technical Services is founded and operated by Vladimir Kraz.  He has over 40 years of experience in electronic industry where he designed some of the best-in-class ESD and EMI instruments: EM Aware, EM Eye, ESD Pro, Ground Pro, Ground Master, WS Aware and others.  Vladimir has 23 U.S. patents with more patents pending - majority of these patents are related to ESD and EMI instrumentation.  For the list of his patents please visit U.S. Patent Office Site . 

Vladimir wrote numerous articles for technical publications, presented papers at ESD Symposiums both in the U.S. and abroad (see our Library) and taught classes and conducted seminars on the subject of ESD, EMI and EMC around the world.


Vladimir is a member of several technical associations, including ESD Association and IEEE.  He is a member of ESD Standards (please see ESDA ' profile of Vladimir) participating in Ionization, Handlers, Process Assessment and EOS Standards Groups.  Vladimir is a co-chair of SEMI Standards ' EMC Task Force, member of SEMI ESD task force and is a co-chair of SEMI Standards ' Metrics Committee.  He is Life Member of IEEE, participating in several societies, including EMC, Power Electronics and others. He has degrees in both Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.


During his career Vladimir designed state-of-the art equipment for wireless and wired communication, medical, industrial control and other industries, and, of course, for ESD, EMI and EMC instrumentation.  Vladimir is a founder and President of OnFILTER - a manufacturer of EMI filters for industrial environment.  Prior to that Vladimir was Director of Instrumentation at 3M in charge of design of ESD and EMI-related tools.  He joined 3M when the company he started, Credence Technologies, was acquired by 3M in 2006.  As a founder of Credence Technologies, he and his wife, Yelena, started it in a typical Silicon Valley fashion from scratch and brought it to the level of a world-wide recognition and impeccable reputation in the industry.  Instruments designed by Vladimir and manufactured by Credence Technologies, later by 3M and now by SCS, are used by companies around the world - from Fortune 500 companies to military and governments to the smallest companies.  As a recognized authority in the industry, Vladimir provides consulting on ESD, EOS and EMI issues to major companies around the world working on projects for semiconductor FABs and back end assembly and test, disk drive companies, flat panel display manufacturers, electronics manufacturing plants, as well as equipment manufacturers. 

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